After the newly replica watches uk renewed Santos family

After the newly replica watches uk renewed Santos family, Cartier used SIHH 2019 to announce a new but related line, Santos-Dumont. With classic dimensions, thin and only available on a leather strap, Santos-Dumont is a beautiful expression of Cartier's design language and, thanks to its use of a quarter movement, is offered at a price not uncommon for Santos, all while the very appealing presence on the wrist is maintained.

With a few exceptions, my personal preference for watches tends to be cheaper and more available on the market. I like a wild complication and precious metals, but my collection and buying habits inform closer details from a luxury point of view. As these watches are limited in the offer at SIHH, it is exciting when a relatively affordable new watch is announced, even more so when it comes from a brand like Cartier.

While I realize that many readings may not take Santos-Dumont into account due to Cartier's choice to use a quarter movement, I think there is a lot to appreciate here (including movement). Santos-Dumont is available in two sizes, a smaller option with a width of 27.5 mm (from 38.5 mm from handle to handle) and a larger version that is 31.4 mm wide (from 43.5 mm) mm per loop). Only 7 mm thick and mounted on an alligator strap, both sizes are well worn, but the slightly larger model looked more modern on my seven inch wrist (you can see both sizes of the wrist below). Given the classic Cartier style, I think both sizes can work for most wrists and for men or women. Given the square case, both models felt a little bigger on the wrist than the dimensions would suggest.

With options in steel, two-tone and full 18 carat rose gold, the look is elegant and stylish, but not at all meticulous. Like many of Cartier's simplest designs, Santos-Dumont has a versatility and style that is at home with a dress but not in place with more casual clothing. Given the smaller (comparative) size of both models and fake rolex the narrow case, the Santos-Dumont wears really well and the 18-karat pink gold model will surely give a smile when you put it on your wrist.

Where these new Cartiers become more remarkable is the use of a quarter movement and the resulting entry price. Cartier showed only hours and minutes and mounted a custom quartz movement with high autonomy that provides six years of battery life. Quartz will be child's play for some (and the brand produces all types of mechanical models), but as a relatively commercial offering that must be simple and easy to carry, quartz makes sense. Like the value statement for the quarter-powered Tank Solo, think of Santos-Dumont as a day watch for work or maybe even a reliable and uncomplicated alternative for those who wear rare clothes. As a starting point for the Santos line, Santos-Dumont will also serve as a first introduction for many buyers of Cartier watches.